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Kayaking offers a great way to get out and explore the coves and coastal wildlife up close. This eco-friendly activity allows you to quietly sneak up on birds and otters and to enjoy the natural beauty of the Marelli Island archipelago at you leisure. There are 6 top of the line kayaks available for free use by our guests. Two of these Kayaks can carry 2 passengers allowing you to share the experience with company. 


Boat Trips

Whether it’s to explore the stunning, natural archipelago, enjoy a spot of fishing, or simply experience the pleasure of cruising across the calm and clear waters of Lake Malawi, at Blue Zebra you can do it all. The lodge offers its guests a complimentary trip out on a boat to enjoy activities of their choice and to fully appreciate everything that makes this world heritage site so special. 


Sunset Boat Trip

Experience an awe inspiring Lake Malawi sunset.  Out on the water, sun downer in hand, you will witness an unforgettable event as the sun gently dips below the low lying Nkhotakota hills in the distance. 



Rarely, if ever, does one have such effortless and immediate access to a site teaming with aquatic life. Literally just a few meters off the shore, you will experience Malawi’s renowned cichlids in all their natural splendour.  Famed for their vivid and vibrant colours, the Islands are home to species unique not only to Lake Malawi, but many to these islands!



Malawi is world renowned as a birdwatchers paradise. The country boasts over 650 different species of birds, 10 % of which are native species non-existent anywhere else on the globe.  Lake Malawi provides an ideal habitat for bird life, with the African Fish Eagle (Malawi’s national bird) being a prominent fixture across the shores of Lake Malawi.  In fact, Lake Malawi has the highest concentration of African Fish Eagles on the continent and its cry is heard frequently echoing across the skies over Nankoma Island.


SCUBA (seasonal)

With several dive spots dotted around the island, you are invited to delve below the surface and experience the extraordinary and seldom seen side of our ancient Lake. From experienced divers to beginners we have something to cater to all of our guests. For the complete novice, why not spend some time with our dive instructor in the pool to familiarize yourself with the equipment and procedures before you head out into the deep blue.

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