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Malawi is world renowned as a birdwatchers paradise. The country boasts over 650 different species of birds, 10 % of which are native species non-existent anywhere else on the globe.  Lake Malawi provides an ideal habitat for bird life, with the African Fish Eagle (Malawi’s national bird) being a prominent fixture across the shores of Lake Malawi.  In fact, Lake Malawi has the highest concentration of African Fish Eagles on the continent and its cry is heard frequently echoing across the skies over Nankoma Island.


For bird enthusiasts, we are proud to announce that the Marelli Islands are an ornithologist’s paradise! The protection offered by its National Park and UNESCO Heritage Site status, coupled with the fact that the islands are un-inhabited, isolated and free of monkeys has provided a rare natural haven for birds. The Islands are an important breeding ground for cormorants and fish eagles that abound on its shores. The majestic fish eagle is often seen circling high above, searching the waters, preparing for its next magnificent swooping attack, while brightly coloured sunbirds dance amongst the vegetation.  There are many other wild and beautiful species of birds to enjoy around the lake, include many different species of kingfishers, owls,storks, hornbills, different species of swifts and thrushes as well as weavers and spinetails.


The Island sings with a plethora of exotic bird life, supporting an estimated 350 species.  Why not pick up our Blue Zebra bird checklist and see how many you can spot during your stay?


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